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I wanted a better way to brainstorm domain names So I built one.

I was tired of manually checking if a domain was available, it takes forever. I wanted a way to quickly type as many domains as I could think of and have it check them in the background.

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Find the perfect domain name

As fast as you can type and hit Enter your domains are queued up and their status is processed in the background.

No more waiting for a squatted on domain's crappy sales page to load to find out it's taken before you move on to the next idea.

Bust out all your domain ideas and we'll tell you which ones you can have.

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The Kit List

Organize your domains into kits that you can easily keep track of and share. Create kits for each app, client or just simply to keep track of all the domains you own across all your registrars.

With them being shareable you can easily get feedback on potential domain names. Need to brainstorm some domain ideas for a client? Work on them as a team and send a shareable url to your client so they can be included in the process.

No more "Re: Re: Re: Re: What about this domain"

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